Book List

Preschool (Pre-Nursery to Senior KG)

No textbooks are required. Necessary study material is provided by school. The Preschool curriculum prepares students for pre-requisities of Junior School mentioned below.

Junior School (Grade 1 to Grade4)


Comparison of ICSE Syllabus & Gyankriti curriculum
  Subjects to be studied at the Primary Level as per CISCE syllabus ( Textbooks, Workbooks, Teacher’s book, Reference
book and other material used to meet the syllabus
1. First Language (English) New Oxford Modern English (Oxford Publications)

Oxford Reading Circle (Oxford Publications)

2. Second Language (Hindi) Rimjhim by NCERT
3. Mathematics Math Magic by NCERT
4. Environmental Studies (EVS) Small Science (HBCSE- TIFR)
5. Computer Studies Computer Masti (InOpen – IITB)
6.  Arts Education Gyankriti’s own curriculum (Art&Craft, Dance, Drama)

In addition to the above, the following should also be taken up at the Primary and Upper Primary levels:

Recommended by ICSE board Implementation at Gyankriti
1. Third Language** (at least Class V -VIII) Sanskrit introduced from Nursery itself through rhymes.
Class 1 onwards simple vocabulary and conversation is introduced
2. Physical Education Gross Motor and Fitness Exercises, Sports (Skating, Tennis), Yoga, Indian Sports (Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc.)
3. Education in Moral and Spiritual Values Through Prayers, Circle Time and Stories, Assembly performances and role plays
4. Socially Useful Productive Work and
Community Service (SUPW) (Class VI -VIII)
 Kar Sewa, Practical Life Skills, Projects and Excursions

The entire curriculum is available on Council’s website ( ) for interested readers.