Student Clubs

Name of Club

Recent Activity Links / Future Plans

Raman Club

The club gives an opportunity to prepare students for various competitions which challenge them to solve a real-world problem by applying their critical thinking, communication, and technology skills. We plan to take students to scientific institutions like ISRO, BARC, RRCAT as part of this club’s trips and tours programme.

Arvind Gupta Club

Padma Shri Arvind Gupta has created a treasure of activities, experiments and toys for children. The club is dedicated to creation of best models or toys out of waste material.

Tottochan Club

The book ‘Tottochan’ is a compulsory read for our educators and students. It is also the philosophical backbone of our school. The Tottochan Club is dedicated to Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and it promotes reading and English language activities in the school.

Premchand Club

It is a Hindi club for Junior School students. It encourages students to participate in reading, public speaking and debating in Hindi. Students work as a group and discuss topics suggested by their teachers.

  • Hindi Week
Gyanvaani Club

The objective of this club is to organize movie screenings, critical appreciation of cinema and creation of own short films and podcasts. The club screens classics from around the world and also invites people from related domains for talks. It also serves as the promotional medium for the activities of all other clubs.

Aryabhatt Club

This is a club for the students to help them learn programming, web designing, animation, etc. throughout the year. The club is also dedicated to organizing astronomy related activities in the school.

Ramanujan Club

The objective of he Ramanujan club is to develop an interest for Mathematics in young children. Children are taught different methods of solving problems which require higher order reasoning and interesting topics of Mathematics which are usually not given in any one syllabus book. Quizzes are also held in these meetings. It is an activity-based and fun-filled programme. Latest technologies, such as pictures based on origin and history of Mathematics and software are used to bring awareness of latest technologies in Mathematics. All these activities enrich students’ knowledge of the subject and emphasize the subject’s importance in the modern world. Most importantly, this society helps to generate in the students an interest in the subject.

  • Maths Week
  • Maths lab
Nature Club

The Nature Club is involved in planting trees, taking care of in-house animals and creating awareness among students to promote an eco-friendly campus by saving electricity, water and promoting vermiculture composting in school. Joining this club is good for students interested in biological sciences, medicine or veterinary science. This club also works well for students who are interested in Geography and Earth Sciences.

Vivekanand Club

A club dedicated to promotion of Yoga, Sports and Ayurveda among students and teachers.

  • Sports Day
  • International Yoga Day
Adi Shankaracharya Club

The club supports conversation in Sanskrit in daily life and preserving the vedic heritage of India. The members also learn about history and archaeology.

Kalakriti Club

For the promotion of Art activities namely Performing Arts, Indian Classical Dance, Music and Fine Arts.