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FEE PAYMENT SCHEDULE (with transport facility)#

Instalments Last Due Date Pre-Nursery Nursery JKG & SKG Grade 1 & 2
Quarter 1 10/03/2018 ₹ 5100 ₹ 5100 ₹ 6000 ₹ 8600*
Quarter 2 15/06/2018 ₹ 9400 ₹ 9400 ₹ 10000 ₹ 10800
Quarter 3 10/09/2018 ₹ 9400 ₹ 9400 ₹ 10000 ₹ 10800
Quarter 4 15/11/2018 ₹ 9400 ₹ 9400 ₹ 10500 ₹ 10800

FEE PAYMENT SCHEDULE (without transport facility)

Instalments Last Due Date Pre-Nursery Nursery JKG & SKG Grade 1 & 2
Quarter 1 10/03/2018 ₹ 0 ₹ 5100 ₹ 5100 ₹ 8600*
Quarter 2 15/06/2018 ₹ 5050 ₹ 5750 ₹ 6750 ₹ 6950
Quarter 3 10/09/2018 ₹ 5100 ₹ 5800 ₹ 6900 ₹ 7100
Quarter 4 15/11/2018 ₹ 5100 ₹ 5800 ₹ 6900 ₹ 7100

Due to delayed opening of preschool students in June and prolonged Diwali vacation in November the fee payment dates is relaxed by 5 days in Q1&Q4. That is the last payment date is 15th instead of 10th in the month of June 2018 and November 2018.

* Grade 1 student’s first instalment schedule: 3,000 by 10/12/2017 and 5,600/- by 10/03/2018

#Transport fee increased by Rs. 250 per month due to new transport rules of government w.e.f 15/03/2018


To be paid at the time of admission (for all grades):

One-time Admission Fee (Non-refundable) ₹ 2000


Fee waiver / scholarship information

Category Fee waiver
Scholarship for children of employees (applicable only till the employee is working with Gyankriti Schools) 100% of school and van fees. Additional charges (if any) are not waived off.
Sibling fee waiver 5% off for younger child
Lump sum fee payment waiver ₹ 1500 off
Referral fee waiver ₹ 1,000 to both parents
Mid-term admission (after 1st August 2018) Pro-rated for remaining number of months

Fee waivers/scholarship will be deducted from the last instalment.


 Fees Head Fees Include Fees does not Include (additional expenses)
Transport Transport fees cover pick-up and dropping off the student from a designated location as detailed in Transportation Routes. Transportation may not be provided for a location falling outside of the planned route. If the school offers transportation to such a location, then additional fees will be charged
(Transportation expenses are covered only for the given routes) Transport for early morning sports/arts camp, out of town trips/ sports camps and picnics.
School Essentials Notebooks (Classwork & Homework), Limited Stationery & Educational Supplies, Student Library, Parent Library, Computer and Internet usage, Online parent portal or mobile application, Usage of School’s Sports equipment (E.g. Roller skates for beginners), Usage of any other teaching learning material owned by school. Prescribed text books (as applicable) and Readers for all Grades which is part of the course work (not optional)
Library charges for lost / missing book, late fees on account of delayed deposit of tuition fees, recovery of any damages. (not optional)
Bag, shoes, school uniform, sports uniform, sports related materials/ music instruments
AS (Arts Special) Classes – Charged (when external faculty is called) e.g. Guitar, Keyboard, Tabla, Percussion, cooking, makers & space etc. (Optional but highly recommended)
Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities All essential field trips, in-house visits (not including camps or other out of town trips whether educational or essential) All out of town education trips/Nature camps/ Picnics (Day trips, 3-4 days trips or longer duration camps)
Sports Camps and Art camps.
Trips, Events, Competitive Exams All extracurricular activities offered by the school faculty(within regular school timings & days) Material charges, books and examination fees for NTSE, Olympiads, etc
All internally held examinations (not including external examinations whether compulsory or optional) Charges for expenses incurred for Interschool Events in the Sports & Performing Arts areas.
Any other external examinations (optional)
All events including sports day, annual day performance & other special days Annual Performance costumes (props, rental expenses)
Additional learning support provided to student from Special Educational Needs or Additional Language Support (Language Lab)
Portfolio All observation records and worksheets, photos to be a part of the portfolio, Report cards End of year memories, CD’s, yearbook, videos, annual day performance CD’s etc.
Miscellaneous Any other new facility, workshops etc. (optional)



  • Fees are revised annually commensurate to increase in the actual expenses of the school. Parents are required to pay the fees as applicable on time and without reminder. If there is a delay in payment of fees, late fees as applicable is payable. Extended delay in fee payment may lead to cancellation of admission. The following points are to be noted:
  • Fees can be paid online through our website by all major bank’s internet banking / cards. You may also pay in cash or by crossed cheque to Gyankriti Schools LLP. We do not accept post-dated cheques.
  • In case a parent is unable to pay fees before the due date, a written request is to be made for consideration. The school reserves the right of decision on such a request.
  • Please note that admission to any class does not confer a right to continuance in the next academic year. The criteria for continuance of admission are child’s behaviour, progress and regularity in attendance and work, and cooperation of the parents.
  • Gyankriti does not accept any form of donations or recommendations related to admission.
  • Admission is strictly on first come first serve basis. The seat availability information is available in school office.
  • One month’s written notice of intention of withdrawal has to be communicated to the school authorities. Fees once paid are neither refundable nor transferable either wholly or in part.
  • Inter branch transfer is allowed and school fee will be adjusted on pro-rata basis.
  • If parent wishes to increase number of instalments, a written request is to be made for consideration. The school reserves the right of decision on such a request.
  • If the students make use of any facility that is not included in the regular fee plan appropriate charges will be added in the next fee instalment. Consent of parent / guardian will be taken either in writing or online mode before the students avail any such facility.
  • Any new taxes or charges levied by any government authority, including regulation or mandate for new features or facilities by government authorities introduced during the session will be compensated by fees and management has the right to increase the fees in such situations.
  • Transport fees may fluctuate due to external factors.