Gyankriti Nomenclature

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Practical Life Skills
Pre Schools should emphasize on hands on experiences to enable a child to learn and adapt to the environment. Exercises of practical life provide a range of activities which allow the children to develop:

  • Control and co-ordination of movement
  • Awareness of their environment
  • Orderly thought patterns
  • Independent work habits
  • Responsibility
  • Characteristics which can be attained by spontaneous, purposeful work.

Preschool (PS)

Pre-nursery to Senior KG are part of Preschool section.



Name of Pre-Nursery standard


Name of Nursery standard


Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) is a subject in ICSE schools where students can choose from a number of vocational education activities like gardening, cooking, painting, carpentry and other crafts and hobbies, and clubbed community service for senior students (class IX onwards). Students learn to work as a team and to work with skill and deftness.SUPW may be described as purposive and meaningful manual work, resulting in either goods or services which are meaningful to the society.



Our academic year is divided into two terms.


Name of KG-2 or Senior KG standard

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