Gyankriti Nomenclature

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Gyankriti Pitara is a handout which contains an overview of activities and topics which are being taught in next fortnight / month. Parents can access Pitara through their Moodle log-in.
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Name of KG-1 or Junior KG standard

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Practical Life Skills
Pre Schools should emphasize on hands on experiences to enable a child to learn and adapt to the environment. Exercises of practical life provide a range of activities which allow the children to develop:

  • Control and co-ordination of movement
  • Awareness of their environment
  • Orderly thought patterns
  • Independent work habits
  • Responsibility
  • Characteristics which can be attained by spontaneous, purposeful work.
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Preschool (PS)

Pre-nursery to Senior KG are part of Preschool section.
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