Library for Parents (List of books & Online order form)

Library Rules

Objective: To provide access to student, parents and teachers to variety of resources.

Applicable to: This policy applies to all students and teachers.

Rationale: Library provides access to printed and online resources which are helpful and supportive for school’s learning and teaching program.

Link to Book List (Parents and Teachers):

Link to Book Order Form (Parent and Teachers):

Library Routines and Procedures:

Important Instructions:

  • Children (up to age 7 years) must handle the books under adult supervision only.
  • Books must be covered in zip pouches whenever they are taken or returned.
  • Reference books will not be issued to any students to carry out of the library.
  • We will not send any reminder notifications for issuing/returning the books. The responsibility lies with the user.

Preschool & Junior School Students:

  • Books will be issued and returned to them on their scheduled library periods.
  • Only 1 book will be issued at a time.
  • Duration - 1 week, can be re-issued if available.
  • Books can be issued during summer vacations, all the books must be returned on the day of school reopening.
  • If the book is not returned on time, the first time new books will not be issued till the 1st lot is returned.
  • If a book is lost replacement cost will be charged.

Parents and Teachers:

  • Books will be issued to them through request by book order form or in person only.
  • Maximum 5 books can be issued per parent at any point of time.
  • These books are not physically located at the school as of now so it may take anywhere between 2 to 5 working days to deliver the book.
  • Duration - 1 month, can be re-issued if available.
  • There would be fine of Rs. 1/day (maximum of Rs. 100) for late returns.
  • Replacement cost will be added to the student fee / salary in case of loss, theft or damage.

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